We are delighted to announce our new member PRODIGO Sàrl!

Prodigo is a business development company that supports European clients in expanding their activities on the Swiss market. They help their clients – both SMEs and larger companies – with the necessary definition of all local services that best meet their needs. We provide the following services:

  • market intelligence: market research, legal and regulatory requirements specific to the Swiss market
  • strategic and commercial contacts: personalised contacts program
  • administrative support: fiscal representation, assistance in posting workers
  • events & marketing: event organisation, assistance for participation in trade fairs

Prodigo’s consulting skills focus on areas with high added value such as life sciences, health and well-being, IT, new technologies, consumer goods, products and services for leading industries (pharmaceuticals, chemicals, precision mechanics) or sustainable solutions (renewable energies, recyclable materials). Prodigo is a good partner of SEC and they have already successfully collaborated in various projects.

With their language skills and offices in Zurich and Neuchâtel, they can cover the whole country. The Prodigo Team has many years of experience in trade promotion and corporate management and has a strong economic and commercial network in Switzerland.

Please visit www.prodigo.ch to learn more!

Michel Patteet Co-founder and Managing partner

Johan Ribaux Co-founder and Managing Partner


During his 25-year career, Michel Patteet has worked in the field of trade promotion. As part of his various functions, he has accompanied and advised many exporters, organised numerous economic missions around the world and realized several market studies. He has also launched economic promotion initiatives emanating from the United Nations and the World Bank. During his seven-year tenure as trade commissioner in Switzerland, Michel acquired in-depth knowledge of the Swiss market and created a vast network of economic actors in a large number of sectors. Thanks to the valuable combination of his long professional experience in international trade, excellent knowledge of the Swiss market and an empathic and human approach, Michel provides his solid know-how and cultivates fruitful business relationships that are well appreciated by the clients.

Before co-founding Prodigo, Johan Ribaux supported for 4 years the rapid growth of a Swiss SME active in renewable energies. As a business economist, he assumed several essential responsibilities for the development of the company, such as the monitoring of key financial indicators, internal and external communication or even the coordination of IT and the strategy of digitisation. In 2020, he decides to take on a new challenge by co-founding Prodigo with the desire to offer services to foreign companies wishing to launch their activities on the Swiss market. The various internships carried out in the field of economic promotion after his university studies, during which he got to know Michel, convinced him that the creation of Prodigo is the right answer to the needs of the various actors in this field (foreign companies, economic promotion organisations, sectoral associations or other intermediaries).

Prodigo Sàrl

Michel Patteet, Managing Partner

Drusbergstrasse 65, 8053 Zurich, Switzerland

Tel. +41 44 552 02 70

[email protected]

Prodigo Sàrl

Johan Ribaux, Managing partner

Chemin du Vivier 10, 2016 Cortaillod (NE), Switzerland

Tel. +41 32 552 05 50

[email protected]