CEE-Swiss Impulse Session

Towards a Conflict-Driven Economic Rebirth?
A Geopolitical Analysis of Global and CEE Dynamics for Navigating Ongoing Turbulences

We heartly invite you to join our webinar with Andrej Bastar (Brasidas Group AG)!

About the Webinar

How do conflicts on European borders and close to CEE influence power realignment, affect trading corridors, energy supply and innovation? To what extent do geopolitical conflicts create new opportunities and eventually will lead to a conflict-driven economic rebirth?

The upcoming CEE-Swiss Impulse Session is going to demonstrate new economic shifts in the face of increased geopolitical pressure. The keynote will show to what extent new alternative economic alliances are being explored due to the Ukraine conflict, and which new perspectives exist regarding international trade routes and supply chains. Furthermore, the relentless weaponization of energy resources and the pressing issue of energy security are driving the imperative for diversification. Europe is currently emerging from various existential crises. However, enduring challenges are lying ahead!

About Andrej Bastar

Andrej Bastar serves as CEO of Brasidas Group AG, a Swiss headquartered global strategic intelligence and risk advisory consultancy to multinational companies, financial funds, family offices and government entities. Andrej Bastar holds science degrees from the Rutgers University and John Jay College of Criminal Justice in the United States, has conducted forensic investigations and worked across numerous conflict zones across the Balkans, Middle East and Africa. In addition, he has published papers on a variety of topics, ranging from scientific research to proprietary studies on the dynamics of shifting geopolitical landscapes across the Middle East, Russia and CIS countries.


16. October 2023

11:00 – 11:45


online webinar

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