Celebrating the Swiss-CEE Success Stories: Switzerland-Slovenia

The Chamber of Commerce`s motto for 2024 is “Celebrating the Swiss-CEE Success Stories“. Therefore, our primary objective this year is to present you diverse stories and narratives, that highlight the expanding and intertwined relationship as well as mutual achievements shared between Switzerland and Central Eastern European countries. The collaboration between Switzerland and Central Eastern European region stands out as a testament to shared success and innovation, worth to be shared!

The first story in our series of “Celebrating the Swiss-CEE Success Stories” unfolds in the realm of technology and innovation. It centeres around Swiss pharmaceutical companies increasingly expanding their operations and investments in Slovenia. Slovenia, with its strategic location in Central Europe and a growing reputation for research and development capabilities, has become an attractive destination for pharmaceutical companies looking to expand their footprint. Moreover, Slovenia’s government has provided support to attract foreign investment, aiming to elevate the country’s pharmaceutical industry up the value chain.

One notable example is Novartis, a leading Swiss pharmaceutical company, which has made substantial investments in Slovenia in recent years. Novartis has been expanding its presence in Slovenia through collaborations with local research institutions and investments in manufacturing facilities, transforming the country into a global player in generic drug production.

Slovenia’s pharmaceutical exports have surged over the last two decades, reaching $15 billion in 2022, with the industry contributing around 5% to the country’s GDP and employing 12,000 workers. Novartis and its generics division Sandoz have invested over CHF 3.5 billion in Slovenia, strengthening the country’s position as a vital partner for Swiss pharmaceutical companies.

Source: Swissinfo.ch

Novartis Slovenia Mengeš Site

Novartis in Slovenia

Source: Novartis.ch