Follow-Up: The SEC Business Luncheon 2024

This years SEC business luncheon at the Zunfthaus zur Schmiden in Zurich, with our friends of Handelskammer Deutschland-Schweiz and their managing director Ralf J. Bopp, was a notable event that brought together industry leaders, diplomats, and business professionals. A very special thanks goes out to Ivo Germann, Ambassador and Head of the Foreign Economic Affairs Directorate at SECO Wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung, for sharing invaluable insights. Mr. Germann shed light on crucial aspects of Switzerland’s economic landscape amidst contemporary geopolitical dynamics. For us, some of the key messages were:

  • Security within Trade Policies: It is crucial that Switzerland can navigate global market complexities through an integrated approach to security and trade policies.
  • Central Europe`s and Germany`s Strategic Value: The Ambassador confirmed the growing importance of the CEE region for Switzerland not only regarding the economy but also playing a pivotal role in the war in Ukraine. Hence resilient, friendly economic ties are very important.
  • Advocacy for Sustainable Trade: Germann called for a commitment to a sustainable, rules-based global trade system, stressing the importance of innovation and collaboration in trade practices.

This luncheon served as a great platform for networking – this time opening a completely new network for the member groups of the two organizing chambers! For those who missed it, we hope to see you next time.

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