Nearshoring in Poland for Swiss Businesses – A Business, Tax, and Legal View

Nearshoring in Poland for Swiss Businesses

Poland has become a top destination for nearshoring services for Swiss and international companies due to its highly skilled workforce, competitive prices and favorable business environment.

About this event

This event will bring together experts from Switzerland and Poland to provide valuable insights and practical advice on nearshoring and outsourcing to Poland.

You will have the opportunity to hear about the practical business, legal, and tax implications of such investments and later take part in our Q&A.

The event is co-sponsored by Allegra LAW, Penteris, Prime Tax, the Chamber of Commerce Switzerland-Central Europe, the Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and the Zurich Chamber of Commerce.


  • Introduction by Allegra LAW.
  • Presentation by Penteris on business, legal, and tax implications from a Polish and a cross-border view.
  • Presentation by PrimeTax on tax implications from a Swiss and a cross-border view.
  • Comments by Allegra LAW on legal implications from a Swiss view.
  • Q&A with Szymon Stadnik (Itelence / Swiss Nearshoring Guide to Poland) on business implications of nearshoring in Poland.
  • Q&A followed by Apéro riche.




11. April 2024

from 18:00


Allegra LAW

Bahnhofstrasse 69

8001 Zurich