We are pleased to welcome a new team member.

Our team continues to expand. We have recently hired an intern – Paulina Patruschewa – for the next six months. Paulina is a student at the University of Public Administration Ludwigsburg and Kehl, Germany. She is doing her Master’s degree in “European Administrative Management” and has already had a chance to gain experience in various fields. For example, she worked for the German Red Cross and participated in numerous events, such as “Project Simulation Week”. In addition, Paulina has a Bachelor’s degree, specialising in “Foreign Regional Studies” with the focus on European Research, which she has completed in Novosibirsk, Russia. The knowledge and experience she gained during her studies can be enriched with practical experience and further expanded through the internship with us.

She aspires to a career in economic and trade relations, but she is open to other fields as well. “International development cooperation and migration policy are also the topics, that represent great potential and are very interesting for me,” according to Paulina.

The internship at SEC can create a good foundation for her professional future.

We are looking forward to our cooperation!


Email: [email protected]