ITELENCE and Szymon Stadnik

ITELENCE is a fast-growing outsourcing and nearshoring provider helping Swiss and international clients in their business and digital transformation. They set up high performing, affordable IT and back-office teams by tapping into the enormous Polish job market.

ITELENCE guides clients through the whole outsourcing and nearshoring journey from drafting SLA, process mapping, by recruiting and building tailor made teams and high-quality process and project delivery.

The company provides consulting, BPO and ITO services in various European languages in such models as staff augmentation, team leasing and permanent employment in following areas: SAP, Salesforce, Cloud, BI, IT help desk, software development, e-commerce, finance, accounting & administration, master data, RPA, customized back-office services, business controlling & analytics.

If you are interested in nearshoring, setting up your own Shared Service Center or GBS, you are looking for any IT or back-office specialist permanently or for a shorter period in Poland, if you need a team to conduct an IT project or want to transfer some processes from Switzerland or Western Europe to Poland, please contact ITELENCE.