CEE-Swiss Impulse Session

Many global innovation rankings list Switzerland as the most innovative country in the world. Of course, innovation is key to a nation’s economic success. But why is Switzerland particularly strong in this area? What are the key ingredients to create innovation? Raymond Cron, CEO of “Switzerland Innovation”, will explain the Swiss approach and what the role of his organization is. “Switzerland Innovation” is a network of six innovation parks across Switzerland based on a joint initiative of public institutions, academia, and the private sector with a statutory mandate from the Swiss government. Switzerland Innovation forms an ecosystem that allows universities and innovative companies to collaborate and use their knowledge and research results for the development of new marketable products and services.

This time we are welcoming Raymond Cron: CEO of Switzerland Innovation since 2015. Additionally, Raymond Cron holds a Master of science in civil engineering of ETH Zurich and did his post-graduate studies in economics and management at the BWI Center for Industrial Management of ETH Zurich.

Date and time: Tuesday, 28 June 2022 | 11:00 – 11:45 CET

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